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Limitless Future

IT for Children is an independent non-profit organisation based in Sweden with main operations in Ghana, West Africa. We believe that information and communications technology is the key to a positive development of a country – and therefore we strive to provide free access to computers, the internet and ICT education for thousands of school children in Ghana.

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What we do

We believe in a more connected world, where everyone has equal access to the internet, regardless of their income level. Equal access means everyone will have the same opportunity of obtaining important information and reaching out to the world. To achieve this, our main work is to provide free and daily access to computers, the internet and ICT education for more than 1,800 students in Ghana.

In 2016, we initiated our project in a small coastal town of Busua, located by the Western Region of Ghana, where children were strangers to computers. Since then, they have learned to search for information online, as well as operate variant computer programs. Today, the world of information and communication is within their reach.

Our work has opened a door to children and young people to a vast world of information and communication from their first click on a computer. Aligned to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, specifically on goal number 9, our mission is to:

”Significantly increase access to information and communications technology and strive to provide universal and affordable access to the Internet in least developed countries by 2020.”


Where are we heading? We believe that with access to computers and internet as well as a high-quality ICT education that we provide, the sky is the limit. We continuously identify the best talents among the children and provide them with a more specifically-tailored education. With your support, we are looking into future computer experts, graphic designer and scientists, among other things. Above all, our project will result in better employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for all the children.

In January 2017, we officially opened IT For Children Academy, our own Learning Centre in Busua. In its establishment, we welcome 70 students in our first classroom, equipped with full access of electricity, internet connection and laptops.

In 2018 we expanded to another village in western Ghana, Dixcove. With a brand new IT For Children Academy, fully equipped with computers, internet and with clean and environmental friendly electricity from solar panels on the roof. The capacity of the academy is 88 students.

By 2020, we aim to have four classrooms ready and opened to children in the neighbouring villages of the Academy.

IT For Children is a politically and religiously independent organisation.

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Who we are

IT For Children is founded by Torsten Kjellgren in 2015, and inspired by his stays in Ghana where he was engaged in various development projects. In rural communities in Ghana, where unemployment is high, we have created valuable jobs within education, administration, communication, maintenance and construction. We have seen ourselves how decent work conditions and stable incomes drastically have improved the lives of many people.

Our staff

  • Photo of Torsten Kjellgren

    Torsten Kjellgren

    Founder & Chairman of the Board

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    Torsten is a Political Scientist and Development Specialist from Stockholm, with a strong passion for Africa. He holds a Master of Science degree (M.Sc.) in Politics and International Relations and a Bachelor of Arts degree (B.A.) in Political Science from Uppsala University, Sweden. For his master’s thesis, Torsten pursued his own field study in Ghana, examining the country’s democratization process. His study consisted of in-depth interviews with central politicians and public officials, for example Ghana’s president 2000 – 2008: John Kufuor.

    Furthermore, Torsten has worked as Development Officer for the Ghanaian NGO Young People We Care (, implementing projects within education, women’s rights, youth employment and entrepreneurship as well as sustainable development, as part of Ghana’s national implementation of United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals. Torsten has also worked for the Permanent Delegation of Sweden to the United Nations’ Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO, at its headquarters in Paris, France as well as Policy Analyst for one of the largest think-tanks in Sweden.

    Torsten is the founder of the organization and the main head of operations. As he has lived in Ghana for longer periods since 2012, pursuing work within the political, academic and development field, Torsten possesses a wide network and a deep knowledge of the country. This represents a strong asset in implementing the projects for IT For Children.

  • Photo of Sukma Dwi Andrina

    Sukma Dwi Andrina

    Director of Operations & Member of the Board

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    Andrina is a lawyer and entrepreneur from Indonesia with a passion for education. She runs a consultancy business in Stockholm with main activity in international law research and project management. Prior to coming to Stockholm, she worked as an associate in a law firm in Jakarta, mostly advising energy projects and labour negotiations. She holds an LL.M in American Legal System from University of Minnesota Law School and an LL.M in International Environmental Law from Stockholm University.

    As the Director of Operations, Andrina is leading the expansion of the IT for Children Academy, including academic management and recruitment. Andrina settled main corporate partnerships for the organization which enabled the expansion. She travels to Ghana every year for several months to teach at IT for Children Academy.

  • Siri Klintberg has a Master of Science degree (M.Sc.) in Business administration from Uppsala University, Sweden.
    For her master’s thesis, Siri pursued her own field study in Ghana, where her study consisted of interviews with women led micro companys and their access to smart phones. During the project she got her eyes up for the access of ICT in West Africa. Siri has several years of experience from the non-profit sector in Sweden.

    As Fundraising Manager for IT For Children she will initiate relations with new partners and donors as well as and gather more monthly donors.

  • Photo of Jakob Lindahl

    Jakob Lindahl

    Advisor Web/Payments & Member of the Board

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    Jakob is a Technical Integration Specialist within online banking payment solutions for FinTech company Trustly Group AB ( in Stockholm. He has previously worked within the same business at DIBS Payment Services and Nets Sweden AB.

    As the Advisor Web/Payments for IT For Children, Jakob has the overarching responsibility for the website and payment methods and updating it continuously.

  • Photo of Noel Huss

    Noel Huss

    Treasurer & Member of the Board

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    Noel Huss is a student in philosophy, politics and economics at Stockholm University. Combined with previous studies in business administration he spent a long time working for a company within the IT sector. He has also been a volunteer in Ghana for four month as a teacher.

    With on-site experience from the classes, Noel is working on developing and creating learning goals as well as lecture content to the teachers and students at IT For Children Academy. He is also managing parts of the organizations accounting and administration.

  • Photo of Meaghan Cooper

    Meaghan Cooper

    Linguistic Adviser & Deputy Member of the Board

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    Meaghan is an Editorial Assistant at Taylor & Francis Publishing (, originally from Seattle, Washington State, USA. She holds a Master of Science degree (M.Sc.) in Politics and International Relations from Uppsala University, Sweden and a Bachelor of the Arts degree (B.A.) in International Political Economy from Colorado College, USA. Meaghan has experience working in Sweden for the NGO Initiatives of Change as well as the Embassy of Canada to Sweden, combined with her earlier pursued work for Railway Square YHA in Sydney, Australia and the Colorado College Department of Economics and Business, USA.

    As the Linguistic Adviser for IT For Children, Meaghan is reviewing and elaborating the English texts and documents of the organization.

  • Photo of Viktor Elm

    Viktor Elm

    Deputy Member of the Board

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    Viktor Elm is a PhD student in Political Science and Statistics at Stockholm University, and is a deputy board member of IT for Children.

    He has provided the organization with methods on statistics and evaluation of the students’ results. He visited Ghana in 2016 by the start of the project.

  • Photo of Samuel Gyasi

    Samuel Gyasi

    Academic Manager in Ghana

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    Samuel’s experience in IT – spanning over 10 years – cuts across the corporate world and the academic environment. He has taught and managed IT systems at different organisations, besides offering custom-made consultancy solutions to varied clientele – both personal and institutional.

    Samuel is a graduate of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, SMC University (Switzerland), Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration, and Kumasi Technical University. He is currently pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma in Education at the University of Education, Winneba.

    As Academic Manager, Samuel is responsible for developing the curriculum at the IT for Children Academy, tracking the progress of the students, supervising the teachers as well as teaching programming.

  • Photo of Theresa Oppong

    Theresa Oppong

    IT teacher & Administrator in Ghana

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    Theresa Oppong is a local of Busua, Western Region. In 2016 she received her highschool graduate certificate from Adiembra Senior Highschool in Sekondi, Western Region with excellent marks. She started as a volunteer teacher in 2016 and after showing excellent organizational and pedagogical work, she was hired fulltime in November 2016. She has also, in coordination with Andrina, begun work on a ‘Girls’ Group,’ with the main focus of helping girls develop confidence and talent.

    As Administrator, Community Representative and Consultant, Theresa is in charge of representing the organization in community meetings, bookkeeping, general administration, as well as assisting with teaching.

  • Photo of Samuel Oppong

    Samuel Oppong

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    Samuel Oppong is 25 years old originally from Busua, Western Region. He graduated from Adiembra Senior High School in 2013, with much appreciating results. Subsequently, Samuel worked as an English teacher at a junior high school in Accra, 2013-2015. He then continued to the University of Ghana, Legon for a distance program in Bachelor of Arts; Psychology and Economics.

    Samuel is working as IT teacher at the IT for Children Academy in Dixcove. He is undertaking a specialization in web design, and is responsible for the website projects of the students.

  • Photo of Henry Vusiakorm

    Henry Vusiakorm

    IT teacher in Ghana

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    Henry is a young professional within IT and creative arts, originally from Accra. As a young boy, Henry became a part of the project Teach on the Beach (TOB) ( Prior to joining IT For Children, Henry worked at the Busua Beach Resort. He has also been involved with IT For Children as a freelance consultant, where he has done artistic and graphic work for the organisation.

    In his role today, Henry mainly teaches ICT, English and Social Science for children in the age of 8 to 11 years old. He is also the communications officer on-site, where he is responsible for increasing the visibility of the organisation in Ghana.

  • Photo of Juliet Ackah

    Juliet Ackah

    IT teacher in Ghana

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    Juliet, a young lady of 21 years from Dixcove, Ghana. Juliet completed Baidoo Bonsoe Senior High School in Western Region where she read General Science and completed in 2018.

    Juliet first came to IT for Children as a student in 2018 during the 1-year program organized for SHS graduates.
    In January 2019, she started volunteering for the organization. Juliet is now IT teacher within IT For Children.

Main partners


Become a corporate partner!

We welcome different kinds of donations and sponsorships. As a partner to IT for Children you are investing in education, employment, sustainability and gender equality. Together with us you are making sure that thousands of children get access to daily IT education, that more girls stay in school, and that many new local jobs are created in a rural area where unemployment and poverty is widespread. With your support we will see many Ghanaian IT experts, engineers, graphic designers and scientists in the future!

We have minimum administration in order to maximize every donation, making sure as much as possible goes to the children in Ghana. Our administrative costs only amount to 3 %. This is far lower than Swedish Fundraising Control’s requirement of maximum 25 %, and far lower than most other charity organizations. For every 100 SEK donated, 97 SEK goes to the operations in Ghana!

If you become a corporate partner you will:

• Contribute to that thousands of Ghanaian children who have never seen a computer before now get daily access to all the information and communication in the world. They will get the chance to increase their knowledge, develop their skills, and grow as individuals!

• Make sure that more Ghanaian girls complete Senior High School education, and get better opportunities to shape their own lives.

• Participate in the creation of hundreds of new local jobs, where people get their own income which they can support themselves and their families with.

• Feel comfortable that your donation will have maximum effect in children’s education. All our operations are pursued by ourselves with minimum administration, yet with full control and supervision.

There are many different ways to collaborate. We always strive to find a way that is beneficial for both parties, and above all beneficial for the children in Ghana. In order to discuss a possible partnership with us, please get in touch via:

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